Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rest Easy...

They rest.

Their days are filled with play, tantrums, good choices, bad choices, politeness, and everything in-between.

They rest now.

It's the wee hours of the morning and I can't sleep.

I usually give myself a bit of time to fall back to slumber and if that doesn't happen I try to occupy myself with something else; computer, phone, book, etc.

Tonight I occupied myself with looking at my children sleep.

Ava; sprawled out on her bed lying the wrong way.  She has basically rotated herself 90 degrees from the "normal" position she started in.  Her hair is a tangled mess and covers practically her whole head.  She rests.  During the day she is quite active.  Especially her imagination.  She creates her imaginary worlds and invites everyone in the house to join her sometime throughout the day.  She colors and creates, finding ways to solve any problems that she deems necessary to solve.  She runs, she climbs, she helps.  

Now she rests, gathering energy for later today to do it all again.

Henry; lying neatly in his bed on his back.  Covers over his legs.  His arms spread out, one hanging off the edge.  His head is slightly turned offering a partial profile as I peek at my sleeping boy.  He is restful.  While awake Henry plays hard.  He has gained command of his world that was just recently out of his control.  Henry likes control.  He likes to change his mind simply because he can.  He likes to stir up a fight to test the waters.  He plays with his toys and is learning how to share more and more each day.  He enjoys pushing his toys around and making them do what he wants them to do.  He loves to laugh and is developing quite the silly side of himself.  He is an emotional person, devoting much energy to tantrums that last for some time, yet is learning how best to deal with them (as are his parents).  

Now he rests, gathering energy for later today to do it all again.

Ella; gingerly lying on her back, one leg bent up and the opposite arm reaching over her head.  She twitches as she sleeps, experiencing a dream that she probably cannot separate from reality yet.  Her days are filled with  funny faces and new tastes.  She has adapted to her desire to move more freely and the constraints nature has placed on her body.  She loves hugging and kissing, playing with her siblings and parents.  She adores our dog, Sasa, and explores the world of language.  She works hard to get what and where she wants.  She has already fulfilled the old adage that 'the youngest one of the family acts as the loving glue that binds'.

Now she rests, gathering energy for later today to do it all again.

If you have children and can't sleep because you worry about them, or are worrying about anything in life, go and peek at them.  Let their essence fill your heart and know that as they rest, they are processing all that has happened to them from the hours before.  Fall in love with your children all over again.

If you don't have children and you cannot sleep, imagine yourself as a child...find that carefree part of yourself that allowed you explore the world that was new to you.  Allow yourself to fall in love with your own childhood.

I am going back to bed now.  Goodnight.

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