Saturday, June 18, 2011

All for One & One for All

We took Ava, Henry and Ella to the park today.

I put on the baby back-pack and had Ella riding high while Ava & Henry shared the double stroller.  We walked in the humid afternoon, enjoying the slight breeze blowing across our faces. 

Ava & Henry found the places on the playground that they liked best.  Lindsay and I got Ella out of the baby backpack and Lindsay took her to the baby swings.  Within minutes her big brother & sister took over and took care of their little sister.

Lindsay took a video of them.  
~I see the 3 Musketeers~
all for one and one for all.

They are fortunate to have each other.
Lindsay and I are fortunate to have one another.
Each of us are fortunate to have the other four.

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