Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ava R. Casten

She captured you, didn't she?

Ava was born on July 5th, 2007.  Lindsay & I were so excited that we were starting a family.  I remember when we decided to start a family--it was on our honeymoon in St. Lucia. 

The doctors told us that our baby was going to be a big baby. They feared that a natural delivery would compromise her health.  Lindsay and I trusted their judgement and took their advice to schedule a c-section; we didn't want anything to happen to our baby.  We were scared.  The doctors convinced us and we went ahead with it.

Ava was born weighing is at 7 lbs. 3 oz.  Even though we were upset for some time about the whole "fear from the doctors" thing, we were grateful for a healthy baby.  Ava had entered our lives and it has never been the same since!

Imagination.  If I were to describe Ava in one word, it would be imagination.  She has imaginary friends and plays imaginary games. She sings to herself and can occupy herself for as long as she wants to.  She learns quickly and remembers everything.  She always strives to better herself.  She has determination, grace, style and perseverance.  

If you ask Ava what she wants to be when she grows up, she will tell you, without batting an eyelash, that she wants to be a "horticulturalist".  "Why?" you may inquire..."Because I love flowers", she will reply.

Flowers.  This first born child of ours has an affinity for flowers and all that goes with them.  She can collect any type of plant life and without thinking twice about it, arrange them into a beautiful bouquet.  She'll ask for a vase but pronounce it, "vaaz", like a high society woman might pronounce it (where she got that we can't figure out!).  Her natural talent for "horticulture" is intriguing.  And fitting right in to all of this comes her Auntie Annie's wedding this summer where Ava will be...you guessed it...the flower girl (Ava is beside herself!).

Our Lil' Bunny is smart cookie.  She loves reading, handles herself well with numbers, and holds a special place in her heart for school and her teachers.  She learns quickly and often shows herself to be beyond her age...Lindsay and I, being teachers by trade, see this on a daily basis and often exchange glances when Ava says or does something that demonstrates her intelligence...the glance is one of--"Oh my, what have we created here?...this'll be quite a ride as she gets older!"  We are looking forward to watching and helping her grow in her academic life.

When Ava smiles, her face lights up.  She loves to laugh, loves to play and loves to be her silly self.  She is beautiful inside and out.  Her mind is always working and she explores her world with vigor, purpose and intent.  She adores her family, treasures her teachers, and loves God.  

I know that Ava will be all right as she grows up.  She'll face the many challenges that all kids face; she'll have to make choices and decisions, figure out who she is and what that means.  She will have to find her friends, speak her mind, and stand up for herself.  From what I see in our first born love is a person who will do all of these things with style and grace, compassion and love~~while carrying a strong conviction in her beliefs. 

I will be a pleasure to behold Ava as she continues to be a loving daughter, a dedicated big sister, and a very special person who will take delight in this world. 

Lindsay and I are blessed...

Henry will be next!

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