Sunday, June 12, 2011

Special Spot for Special People...

The thoughtfulness of Ava is expressed in her drawings.  She spends many hours of her day at the family room table, with papers placed in piles that seem as though they have no rhyme or reason to their placement.   She'll tell you that the papers are for "people, my special people".

She makes pictures for people.  

Today she gave Pastor Melissa a picture.  It was Pastor Melissa's birthday and Ava made her a picture.   Pastor Melissa was the focus, surrounded by flowers and flying birds, among other things.  She wrote on the picture and brought it to church with her.  She kept it safe throughout the service.

When we leave the sanctuary after the service the pastors greet us at the door that leads into the narthax.  Henry usually hides behind Lindsay or me, holding his smile back, not wanting yet to show his true self. Ella reaches her tiny hands to show she likes whatever it is she is looking at.  

Ava beams.

Ava beams when in the presence of Pastor Melissa or Pastor Miller. Her eyes grow wide and her face glows as her cheeks fill with love while smiling and gazing.  She loves to gather herself close to them waiting for them to lift her up.  They lift her either on their knee while kneeling or as a full lift to a holding position, one arm on their shoulder and one leg wrapped around their side while the other one hangs freely.  

They talk with her.  She responds.  She speaks through her smile and for those moments, the thought of her parents escapes her conscience mind and quietly finds its way to her sub-conscious.  She is comfortable. Safe. Adoring.

Today, she brought Pastor Melissa her gift.  Her gift that she worked on at her special spot.  The special spot where she sings as she draws, creating masterpieces for the special people in her life.

Pastor Melissa brought Ava and her picture into her world as she lifted her onto her knee.  They talked about the picture.  They marveled at the detail and read the words Ava had written.  Ava passed the picture from her tiny hands to Pastor Melissa's loving hands and they exchanged hugs.

Guiding our children in learning about "Living the Love of Christ" is privilege that Lindsay and I welcome.  Knowing that the people we have chosen to help in that guidance are people who truly love the children they encounter fills us with a sense of well being.  They have formed a bond with each of our children as shown by the wide eyed love and adoration we see from our children when in their presence.  

Ava, Henry and Ella are fortunate to have Pastor Miller and Pastor Melissa in their lives.

Ava's artwork continues.  She is singing right now behind me as I write this.  I know that she is expressing her world on that paper.  She's in her special spot making her world come alive for her special people.

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