Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Reasons lie Inside...

It's funny what the world can do,
it's strange the turns life throws at you.
I wonder what will happen next,
news comes to me; talk, phone and text.

The reasons why lie deep inside,
they help me on this waiting ride.
I turn to wife, I turn to folk,
I turn to God to shoulder my yoke.

My children are the reason why,
I'll stay alive, I'll never die.
Our first, our second, our third one, too
keeps every day afresh and new.

Inside my soul I find the why,
deep in its core is where they lie.
In God and man we do confide,
My Reasons lie Inside.

My wife and kids, we wait for now
To gain the knowledge, the why the how.
Our third; she takes an onward ride
My Reasons lie Inside.

Whatever comes, whatever may be
We look to one another to see.
From all we're given we cannot hide,
Reasons lie

to be continued...

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