Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Henry M. Casten

He's one of a kind, that boy is...

Henry came into this world on Oct. 20th, 2008.  

Lindsay and I were determined to have our second baby the natural c-section this time.  Everything was going along fine until the ole blood pressure kicked in, or up rather.  The doctor kept an eye on Lindsay for a good two weeks, giving her body every opportunity to lower the numbers.  We went in on the 20th and it was ridiculously high, I mean high!!  Our doctor sent us over to the hospital immediately to the c-section; this one was legitimate~~high blood pressure for that length of time is nothing to fool around with.

Henry was quite small when he came out, 5 lbs. 8 oz to be exact.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around the boy's neck three times...he was getting himself into trouble from the get go!

He has had his share of rough times from the onset.  Henry suffered, as an infant, with horrible acid reflux, making eating a painful experience.  He screamed a lot as a baby; hunger, pain, frustration~

We put him on medication to soothe his ills and the doctor noticed he wasn't growing as he should.  He was diagnosed with RTA (Renal Tubular Acidosis).  Generally speaking, his kidneys fail to excrete acids into the urine, which causes a person’s blood to remain too acidic.  He is now on medication for this.  He is growing but we have to monitor this growth.

Henry had a difficult time communicating his needs and wants.  He was tongue-tied, literally.  His tongue had tissue on the underneath that kept it from being able to lift up or forward effectively enough to produce certain sounds...talking was tough for him.  Couple that with acid reflux, frustration and a sister who decided that this new baby isn't so much fun after all, and there's the recipe for a hysterical child for most of the day.  
We had his tongue fixed.  It's amazing to hear all that he has to say.

My first boy.  Named after his grandfather on his mother's side and carrying my name as his middle name (a greek tradition).  Henry Michael is indeed one of a kind.

Henry loves to run.  He loves to play and explore.  He has a temper that challenges mine and he can be stubborn.  He is shy when meeting new people and only likes to be the center of attention on his terms.  He's a cute as can be and will be quite the heartbreaker when older.  

Henry is sweet.  He can be as gentle as a lamb when he wants to be.  He knows how to share and enjoys playing with his sister, Ava (something that we've been waiting for!).

Henry is a human map.  Take him somewhere once and he'll pretty much tell you how to get there anytime after that.  He's like his Uncle Nick in that respect.

I find myself having a special connection with Henry.  We love to look at each other then break out laughing...I look forward to that game continuing and growing with us.  I also see that Henry is developing a good sense of right and wrong as we teach it to him.  He tests;  he tests his parents, his siblings and nature.   He tests his environment,  his toys' ability to withstand force. He tests his world.  From those tests, however, he learns.  He processes.

Henry processes at night.  After being put to bed one can hear through the monitor all that Henry has experienced from the day.  He repeats conversations and events aloud.  He apologizes and seeks the right choice aloud.  He processes.  I love listening to him do this...for it is within this "reflection" of his I know that he is growing and learning.
Yes, Henry...starting out this life under pressure; working his way through extreme acid reflux, dealing with RTA and all the pokes, prods, tests, and procedures that go along with it.  All in the short 2.5 years he's been in this world. I admire his strength, his ability to take good from what could be perceived as bad.  His ability to cling tightly to his parents and yet be brave and strong when he needs to be.  He's a wonderful boy. I know that Henry will continue to teach me many things about life.  I look forward to our relationship as it continues to build, form, and become the best it will be...

Ella will be the final intro~~

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