Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I look out my window
and yonder I see
The things that will come and the things that will be.

I peer out the glass pane
my vision is clear
the things I hold closely, the things I hold dear.

I spy from my safe place
my gaze is unknown
my heart grows so heavy from the weight of the stone.

I glimpse through the shades
obstructions have passed
life goes by so slowly and yet soars by so fast.

I seek to find meaning
through transparent debris
I find what's important; it always comes free.

I set my eyes on them
my family at play
The moment is fleeting, for long it won't stay.

My heart reaches outward
through clear glass before me
My self follows after to set itself free.

I no longer strain
to gain sight through the pane
It's all very clear now through sun speckled rain

My vision, my sight, so brilliant and bright
to care for my family, to follow the light
I've travelled my road, I've come to this place
I see the love streaming off everyone's face
The window may be here, it lets me see through
to capture what love is and feel it so true.

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