Monday, July 11, 2011

Sown Seeds...

The reading at church this week was about sowing seeds.  How if we sow seeds on the path, the birds can easily come and take them growth.  If we sow them amongst the thorns, the thorns will strangle the growth.  If we sow them in the cracks of rocks, they begin to take root but do not long term growth.  If we sow our seeds in rich soil, however, they will thrive...growth happens here.

Pastor Miller's sermon went on to remind us to seek the seeds that God has sown all around us in every moment; in every relationship.   To remind us that as we go through our daily lives to look for the opportunities to sow our own seeds of love.  To seek good rich soil to sow the seeds so that they thrive.

We celebrated Ava's and Ella's birthdays this weekend with friends and family.  We spent many hours preparing for the festivities.  We cooked and cleaned, shopped and organized.  We love throwing parties!

Our guests arrived and we celebrated...all day long we celebrated.  We mingled with friends & family, listened to music, ate good food, opened presents and enjoyed the company of all.

I thought about the sermon and how my children have been sown in the laps of love.  They are surrounded by good people.  Caring people. My children will thrive.  It is this soil made from family & friends that Lindsay & I come from. 

Our parents raised us with love, assurance, discipline and fun.  They taught us to be who we are and stand tall.

Our siblings grew with us as we went through many different stages and circumstances in our respective lives; looking out for us, protecting us, advising us, teasing us, and supporting us...all making us stronger.

Our other family members kept us in their hearts and minds for all of these years...helping us to know there are always people who we may not see all the time, but whom love us dearly.

Our friends, past & present have instilled in us a sense of dedication, fun, love and mutual acceptance that helped and helps us define ourselves.  

No wonder the soil in which we sow the seeds of love for our children is so rich...

Enjoy the richness of the following video from our celebration this weekend:

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