Saturday, July 16, 2011

Peeking Around the Corners...

The shot above is from our family room.  It's a little space between the bookshelf and the couch, right under a window.  The vent is on the floor right next to the couch.  Summer offers cool air through the vent and winter furnishes warmth through the same grated opening.  This spot is one of Ella's favorite spots.  She can happily be there with a pillow or two, surrounded by her books, and safe from the quick moving feet of her brother, sister, and beloved dog.

The fast moving feet.  We watch Ella as she watches others.  She reaches to them as they run by her.  She looks on at playground play as children whiz by her; as they climb, jump, and crawl.  She is 13 months old now and her natural desire to move is strong, persistent, and cannot be ignored.

We bring her to the playground equipment.  She takes to it.  She touches it, "eats" it, and places her body on it.  We guide her down the slide and she laughs with delight.  We place her in Ava's lap as the two of them go down the slide...she feels the air rush through her thin hair.  We place her gently in the wood chips and she digs her hands in, feeling the sensation every kid should feel---the playground "floor".  

Her brother and sister come to her in the midst of their play, and slow down to capture a moment with her...she grins in satisfaction that they are thinking about her as they play.

We sit in a family circle on "her rug" on the deck and have the blocks out.  We build towers and the kids take turns knocking them down.  We bring the fun to her, for she has such a hard time bringing herself to the fun.  

The picture above shows Ella peeking around the corner of our couch, retreating from her safe spot amongst her books.  It's a fitting picture as we prepare to take Ella to The University of Chicago hospital on Monday (July18) to have her EMG (electromyograph) performed.  A test that will determine the  muscle and nerve function of her thighs.  A test that very well could help provide some answers and prepare the way for a diagnosis; to let us know what we can do to help our one-year old.  

A test that will help our family to turn the corner of the road we travel with our little "Squishy"...the corner that we are all peeking around together.

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