Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Delightful Four...

She knew the moment the gift was out of the box.  It was a purple Rapunzel dress.  Her expression lit the morning up and the birds sang with her as she beamed.

Four years old.

Ava is a beautiful girl.  She lights up with delight in the things she finds fascinating; which, by the way, is almost everything.

She does however, have her special loves in her life.  She adores flowers, beautiful princesses, playing imaginary games with imaginary people, coloring, drawing, writing and learning.

She is a sensitive girl; developing a sense of fair play and what it means to treat others well.  She works on this with her brother and sister.  She experiments with playing, with sharing, with taking care of another.  She makes mistakes and tests her limits.  She experiments with language, with tone and with attitude.  She experiments with nature, deciding how to treat it.  She asks questions...oh so many questions.  She does all of this in the comfort of our home; with us; around us; and while we are just within her reach.

Outside of the home she assimilates all she has learned inside the home.  She brings compliments from strangers, acquaintances,  church members, teachers, friends, and family.  They go on about her behavior and how well she does.  They tell us we have an outstanding daughter in Ava.

We agree.  We are blessed.  Our oldest is a fine example of what a good person is all about. 

She cares for others.
She cares for herself.
She helps when she can.
She asks for help when needed.
She stands up for herself.
She protects those she loves.
She studies things to understand.
She understands how to study things.
She delights in her life.
Life delights in its Ava.

It is my privilege, my honor, and God's gift to me to raise this child.  I do it not alone.  Lindsay has dedicated her life to nurturing her, instilling in her the values, ideals, morals and life lessons that help bring her to the fullness of who she will be.  We gladly and with open hearts share in this delight.

She is four.  All day long she eloquently reminded us that she is four.  In every way she could.  Whenever the number four was able to present itself into a conversation, she gravitated to it and let us know. It was a beautiful self-testament to her birthday.

Happy Birthday Ava...we love, love, love, love you.

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