Monday, August 1, 2011


The kids are sleeping now.

It's just Lindsay and me in our basement office.  Catching up on piled up e-mails, working Mama Bracelets in anticipation of the next supported fundraiser we have committed to.  Talking with each other in-between keystrokes and mouse-clicks.

Every day our kids give us a run for our money during their waking hours.  Ava is headstrong; a will of her own that she is practicing with on us.  She is developing her humor, creativity and overall personality before our eyes.  Henry continues to battle with his high emotions, seeking out ways to be heard despite his screaming.  He is gaining more confidence in himself, trying new things; making efforts to develop the sensitive side of himself.  Ella makes her way through the day as any other baby her age does.  She throws her food, plays with toys, and enjoys a good laugh. Her struggle, however, comes into play as she tries to move herself and cannot.  This saddens our hearts and tears at our souls...

Lindsay and I have changed over the past two weeks.  Our outlook on life has been altered drastically.  Thoughts of the future carry mixed emotions and often times we seek ways to avoid those thoughts.  We have become adept at talking about our immediate feelings as they rise in our souls; so as not to bottle them up and have them seep out in some other, undesirable way.  Many times it's just a sentence or two that we speak to each other, other times it's a long conversation--either way; we communicate.  

We feel the presence of so many people in our lives.  We feel the love, the compassion, and the prayers.  We know that being surrounded by so many brings us closer to each other.  We are thankful for all those who have crossed our paths; past, present and future.

We listened to a sermon this past Sunday about wrestling with God over the complexities in our lives, our world; and how in doing so, we actually come face to face with God.  We learned that in that face to face meeting we receive the full blessing of God.  

We are wrestling, as many people are, with the complexities of life and our world; struggling with God for answers.  I do feel that one of the many blessings bestowed upon us from that struggle is the love and support of so many caring people...and for that we are forever grateful.

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